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How to print a canvas?

How to put your magical photos onto canvas? Read our guide...

Turn your memories into beautiful artwork!

Create a sensational canvas

Make stunning artwork out of your treasured photos! Turn any photograph into a captivating canvas print with ease. Transform your precious memories and moments into stunning works of art with canvas prints. With relative ease, you can create great pieces for yourself, friends and family by transferring photos to a canvas print. Choose the perfect image, select the right style and size for your canvas, and understand the framing options that will bring it all together.

Step by step photos onto canvas

The first and most important step is to find the perfect photo. This can be a portrait, landscape, a candid shot, or any other image you desire. Look through your saved albums and pick out the ones that evoke strong emotion in you. Remember to take into account cropping and final print size when making your selection. Once you’ve narrowed it down, take a look at where you plan to hang your photo, have a think as to which photo best suits your room style.

Choose your enchanting photo

Focus and composition

Transform your favourite photo into a gorgeous canvas print that will showcase your unique style and make a beautiful centrepiece in any space. Quickly and easily turn any photo into art that captures the beauty of everyday moments! When choosing a photo for your canvas print project, be sure to pick one that really stands out and has an interesting composition. If the subject of your photo is not the main focus of the image, our website will allow you to crop it so that the main focus stands out. Try to find original photos, rather than photos shared on social media.

The key to an awesome canvas

Turning your beloved photos into works of art has never been easier, you can turn virtually any digital photo or artwork into a vibrant, high quality canvas. The key to creating a stunning canvas print is choosing the right image. Look for an image that is high resolution and free of distortions. Pictures that have good light are alway best, however don't be overly concerned, we will always endeavour to print any image at its best, adjusting lightness if necessary. If you don’t have a digital copy of your photo, please feel free to contact us, we can scan your photo for you.

Photos to canvas custom choices

Style and cropping

After you’ve chosen the perfect image for your canvas print, it’s time to pick out a style and size to create a unique canvas print. Measure your wall space and decide on the ideal dimensions for you. We offer four different styles of shape; panoramic, squares, A sizes and a specially crafted selection of standard photography sizes, designed to exactly match your phone or camera without cropping. When you're happy with your choices, proceed to the printing step!

Get creative

Canvas prints make the perfect addition to any room, making it easy to spruce up a plain wall with your most-loved memories. If you’re feeling creative, why not create a gallery wall of your dazzling photos? Select a bunch of favourites, then mix and match sizes for an captivating and eclectic look. Going a step further, you could pick out the overall colours of your pictures combined with shapes that coordinate with other decor in the room, really tying the entire look together.

Print your photos onto canvas

Upload and order

Upload the image to our website for printing and framing. Now that you’ve chosen the shape and size, it’s time to upload your photo. Our website makes this easy, with simple steps to follow, from uploading your image through to creating your own custom wall art.

Customise your framing

For a professional finish, it's important to select the appropriate edge framing style before it's printed. We offer a variety of options such as mirror edges (photo reflected over the sides), photo edge (photo wrapped over frame sides), and plain canvas sides. Be sure to choose one that complements your art piece so you end up with a professional looking piece of artwork that you can be proud to display. Our website preview will show you how each style of framing will look.

Canvas materials

We print in resolution onto softly textured poly/cotton canvas, delivering vibrant colours and beautiful detail. Our inks are fade resistant for longevity, your print should continue to be attractive décor for years to come. All of our canvas prints are hand-stretched using knot-free redwood pine that has been ethically produced from managed woodland.

You're nearly there

After you have completed the custom options, take one look over to make sure all your details are reflected in the proof. Once you are happy with what you see, you’ve finished the process. When you are satisfied with how it looks, simply checkout. We’ll take care of the rest and ship it to your doorstep in record time. The only thing left for you to complete is to hang your canvas and revel in your achievement. Your inspiring photos into striking wall art!

Why not discover the beauty of photos onto canvas?

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