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Poster print - about us

About Poster Print – high quality prints with dynamic colours

Poster Print, quality photo prints

  • High resolution, vibrant colours
  • Quality printing with a personal touch
  • Individual photo adjustments
  • Your photo reproduced at its best
  • Fade resistant photo prints

About our Poster Printing

We offer a very personal service & will contact you if the image supplied is too small to be printed at the size ordered, or for any other reason that may crop up. A lot of care is taken with how your poster will look when printed and adjustments are made to lighten the dark bits, darken the overly light bits, correct as much as possible any colour imbalance, or anything else that we feel will enhance the final poster.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Our printer is made by Epson and uses only genuine Epson UltraChrome K3+ ink with Vivid Magenta, giving the vibrant colours and longevity of Epson inks. We always print in high resolution onto high quality photo paper from major manufacturers like Epson, Kodak and Xerox, those with a proven track record for quality and colour reproduction.

Photo Framing - About our custom frames

Bespoke printing and framing

  • Upload your photos, we print and frame
  • Vibrant, stunning printing
  • Hand framed with quality wood frames
  • Optional mount border in a range of widths
  • Glass or acrylic glass, with high optical clarity
  • Carefully packaged to ship safely

Poster Prints' all in one print, frame and shipping service is both convenient and achieves impressive results. Why struggle with getting your photos printed, finding frames for them, and attempting to put photos in frames without cockling (wrinkles). Then most difficult of all, hoping it will look as good as you envisioned when you have not actually been able to visualise the picture encompassed within the frame. Your awesome memories deserve better!

The simple process starts with our web app that allows you to view the results dynamically as you create your frame, helping you to envisage the best way to display your picture. Then over to us, as we print your photos in stunning quality. The prints are immediately pressed onto foam backboard to ensure there will be no cockling or wrinkles. Our frames are hand constructed to your specific requirements, then crafted into an elegant framed print. And finally, we carefully package to ensure that you receive a stress-free experience and an extraordinary work of art to decorate your room.

Photos to Canvas - vibrant, high resolution prints

Enlarge your family pictures into unique digital paintings, preserving happy memories for years to come. We offer a unique range of sizes you cannot find anywhere else. Starting with our digital photos to canvas, suitable for todays modern digital photography to our more unique sizes. We offer panoramic canvas printing in varying styles but are happy to create a bespoke size if your image is an unusual panorama. We specialise in creating beautiful canvas prints from your very own photos, images or pictures. We print in high resolution on real woven canvas giving beautiful image quality. Our canvas prints are hung up to dry for at least 12 hours before hand mounting on real wooden frames.

When it comes to the canvas, we tested many different types from many different manufacturers, our decision on which one to use was based purely on image quality. Our canvas gives superb image vibrancy, quality and longevity, looking great when mounted on a frame. Just as important as the canvas is the frame onto which it’s mounted. We use bars which are produced from high quality European Pine using renewable sources. Our prints are then hand stretched and mounted. The very nature of the canvas means that over time it will stretch slightly, so fitted into the corners of the frame are wooden wedges that can be tapped in, pushing the corners of the frame apart, re-tensioning the canvas back to it’s original look.

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