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Print style & size

Photo prints sizes & styles - Panoramic, A4 A3 A2 A1 or square?

What are standard photo sizes?

Standard A sizes suit most photos from cameras and phones. The majority of photos can easily fit into A sizes, Classic Sizes (3:2), or Standard Sizes (4:3). Feel free to upload your file in its original format. Simple select the size range you would prefer and then use our cropping tool to fit the desired size. If for any reason we feel that the resolution of your photo is not sufficient for the size ordered, we will contact you via email. We try to ensure that your poster will reproduce your original photography as closely as possible. It is not necessary to understand the complexities of aspect ratio when getting a photo printed. Standard digital cameras and digital SLR cameras normally produce slightly different sizes. Our standard photo sizes suit prints for both digital and DSLR images.
Many people ask what are standard photo sizes. Most digital cameras use an aspect ratio of (4:3), whereas digital SLR photography generally uses an aspect ratio of (3:2). However, both size ranges are quite similar so photos produced from either standard cameras or digital SLR's can normally be cropped to fit either size range. If you wish to preserve your entire image, simply select the one that matches your photo most closely. We offer A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 posters, A1, A2, A3, A4 framing and finally canvas photo prints in all sizes. We offer prints that precisely match the sizes of your digital or DSLR camera, mobiles, iPad, tablet or any of todays myriad devices that capture pictures of amazing memories.

What is a panoramic size photo?

Panoramas come in a wide range of sizes. Cameras and software today allow you to create beautiful, artistic panoramas. We are happy to print these into posters if possible, whatever the size! In our panoramic range we offer a number of different aspect ratios, allowing you to print anything from standard panoramas up to very extreme panoramas.

Our standard panoramic print options include four different aspect ratios; Panorama (2:1), Super Panorama (3:1), Ultra Panorama (4:1) & X-treme Panorama (4.5:1 - especially designed to cater for iPhones and Sony panoramic cameras). The simplest way to decide which size range would suit your photography is to upload you photo and select through the different size ranges. All of our styles are available as panoramic posters, panoramic frames or canvas prints.

Our automatic website cropping tool will help you determine which print size you would prefer. If you are still unsure what size of panorama to order for your composition, or if your image is more extreme than the selection of sizes we offer on the website, please feel free to email us attaching the image. Simply let us know approximately what width or height you would prefer, we will email you with size and price options.

Panorama creation service. Sometimes you have a set of images that you would like turned into a printed panorama, however you lack the software to complete the project. Do not be deterred, simply email us the images and we will stitch the photos into a stunning landscape. We do not charge for this specialist service, only for the print.

Who prints square photos?

Square size prints are a crisp, modern way to add decor to your walls, often combined into a row of family shots or travel adventures. A standard size picture can become quirky or trendy when sized into a square. Why not try the tools on our website to view what your image may look like?

We print square canvas, square posters and even have square photo frames. Simply upload your original files onto the website, then use our cropping tool to position and crop the images into a square shape. It does not matter what the subject matter - just get creative with square space!

What is meant by resolution of an image?

There is no simple answer as to whether your photo will have sufficient resolution & quality to enlarge to your preferred size. This is not determined simply by pixels per inch (The number of megapixels in your photo). It is also affected by the quality of the camera and lens. Today’s modern enlarging software allows many images to be enlarged that previously could not. For this reason, the website does not reject photos when uploaded.
We check each photo personally and contact you via email if we feel that the quality of your photo is not high enough for the size ordered. However, please always upload the largest photo file possible in order to achieve the best result. Additionally, it is normally best to upload the original file from your camera or phone. Facebook & other social media images do not enlarge well as they are normally reduced in size to conserve space on their servers.

What is aspect ratio?

Simply put, aspect ratio is the relationship between the height of your photo to the width of your photo (Width : Height). This becomes particularly relevant with panoramic images.  2:1 aspect ratio means that the width (length) of your photo is two times the height. 3:1 aspect ratio means that the width (length) of your photo is three times the height. 4.5:1 means that the width (length) of your photo is four and a half times the height. And so on …
If your photo does not fit the size range selected, simply select a different aspect ratio until you are happy with the result.

If you are still unsure about which size to choose …
Should you wish for any advice regarding a size choice for your photos, please feel free to email us attaching your image.
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