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Poster prints

Photo framing - about

Online photo framing - How to craft your custom framed print

How to frame a picture?

Steps to online framing

  1. Upload your photo, select print style & size
  2. Choose a frame, the preview will update
  3. Select mount size and colour (if required)
  4. Choose glazing: glass or acrylic glass; clear or anti-glare
  5. Select paper: lustre, matte or let us choose
  6. Checkout! Despatch in 3-4 days

Posterprint is simple and quick

In the past if you wanted to get your pictures framed  first you would have to get the photo printed, wait for it to be delivered or go & pick it up from the printers. Then take it to your local picture framer & spend ages trying to decide what frame & mount to use by putting samples on one corner. Go home & wait two to three weeks whilst it’s done, then go back to the picture framers to pick it up. Photo framing online can offer the same personal service but with ease! View our photo framing sizes.

What is glazing in framing?

Acrylic or glass for framing pictures?

Glazing is the clear material placed in front of your picture in order to protect the print. Glazing is very much a matter of personal desire and opinion. If your image is of a magical sunset landscape, then what could be better than a clear reflective surface that makes your sunset sparkle against your wall? If you have a memorable image of family and friends that you wish to see individual faces without reflectivity, then perhaps you would be better off with a non-reflective finish. At Poster Print, we always try to ensure you have a choice that best suits your personal taste and the environment within which your wall art is going to be hung.


We use high quality framing glass in clear or anti-glare. Our framed prints are extensively packaged to ensure your print will arrive in good condition.


The acrylic we use is high quality acrylic glass for framing, with greater optical clarity than glass. Acrylic is lighter and less fragile than glass, making it ideal for many busier situations. We also offer acrylic glass in both clear or anti-glare, ensuring you have maximum choice to achieve your perfect wall art.

Do I need to use uv protective glass in a poster frame?

Do I need UV protective glazing?

At we do our very best to make sure that you posterprints are as fade resistant as possible by ensuring that we only use genuine Epson inks that are in date combined with high quality photo paper. In the twenty years plus that we have been printing your photographs, we have never had a customer come back to us to say their print has faded.


As long as the print will not be in direct sunlight then there should be no need to add extra protection for our prints. Having said that we don’t recommend that you place your prints in direct sunlight but if you have to then a framed option is your best choice using either our clear or anti-glare acrylic which will filter out over 95% of the harmful UV light. Not only that but our acrylic is about the same thickness as our glass, it’s optically clearer than glass, is less than half the weight of glass & over ten times stronger.

What is the best paper choice for framing?

If your poster is being framed, we recommend a semi-gloss poster print or matte finish photo poster. This is because acrylic glass and glass both have their own reflectivity. A lustre poster and matte finish photo poster are equally suitable for framing. It's wise to note that matte paper is a bit like Marmite, you love it or hate it. However, matte paper generally comes into its own once behind glass or perspex.
If you are unsure or if you feel your photo would benefit from additional reflectivity, choose lustre. To help you receive the best possible room decor, we also give you the option to leave the paper choice to us. When ordering your custom frame, on the Start Tab, simply click the box that says "Let us Choose Most Suitable Paper".

How do I get wrinkles out of a framed poster?

How do I get wrinkles out of a framed poster?

Here at as part of our picture framing service we make sure that your framed print remains wrinkle free in the frame by mounting your print onto a thick board. The reason we do this is to stop the paper from wrinkling or cockling to give it its true title.

Cockling happens when a picture is placed into a frame & squeezed between a backboard & glass/Perspex front. In time the print will absorb moisture from the humidity in the air around it & expand inside the frame, but because it can’t move it cockles, similar to if you wet a bit of paper. A lot of people, especially some picture framers, will tell you that the cockling happens because the print was rolled up in a tube but this is not the case.

Framing posters yourself

If you are framing a print yourself then try to use a frame with a 1mm thick (or more) mount-board that surrounds the print so that it keeps the print away from the glass. Centre your print onto the backboard & place the mount over the top. Adjust the print making sure that the mount covers the entire edge of the print by at least 1mm on the sides & bottom, 5mm at the top & without moving the print remove the mount & place a piece of masking tape at both top corners only of the print to fix it to the backboard.

If it’s a panoramic or larger print then place tape at about 400mm intervals across the top but tape from right to left or left to right pulling it tight as you go, do not tape the corners first & then the middle. Leave the rest of the print to hang so that it can move as much as possible behind the mount board.

Online photo framing by Poster Print

Why choose us?

  • Most of our sizes are available with glass or acrylic glass, carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival. Both styles of glazing are available in clear or anti-glare.
  • Our framed poster prints arrive complete with low-stretch picture cord, ready to hang on the wall when it arrives.
  • We offer an extensive size range.  If you don’t see the size you want, email us & we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.
  • Before we frame your print it is mounted onto a special backboard that will stop your print from buckling in the frame due to changes in atmospheric conditions.
  • All our mouldings are high quality wood from major manufactures in the industry.
  • The mount boards we use are pH neutral & lignin free which means that the white core of the board that is visible in the bevel cut remains white and does not turn brown as some cheaper boards do.
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